The science is clear. What were once suppositions are now irrefutable facts. Human activity has had an enormous negative impact on the Earth to the point that its regenerative capacities are overshot, threatening ecosystems and lives.

Like any other, the sports’ industry we belong to must share responsibility. It is our duty to minimise likely negative impacts and use our incredible potential to reach the masses and bring about positive change that can still make a difference.

World Triathlon has joined four international initiatives:

Support for Climate Action Framework (UNCCC/IOC)

A sectoral approach developed by UNFCCC/IOC aiming to take action and raise awareness to mitigate the impacts of climate change in line with the Paris Agreement objectives: to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, reach net zero emissions by 2050 and promote and raise awareness around climate change.

UN Climate Neutral Now *NEW (Joined 2023)

The Climate Neutral Now Initiative encourages and supports organizations to act now in order to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement. It is a tool to promote additional voluntary action on climate and to provide recognition for it. The initiative is not a certification scheme for its participants. An organization can become a participant by signing the Climate Neutral Now Pledge, following the three steps (Measure, Reduce, Contribute) and reporting on its actions and achievements annually.

Climate Neutral Now 2022 Badge
Climate Neutral Now Achievement Report 2022
Climate Neutral Now Achievement Report 2019

Clean Seas (UNEP/IOC)

World Triathlon joined the IOC/UNEP “Clean Seas campaign” in 2018 and strongly advocates event organisers to combat marine plastic pollution.

UN Global Compact *NEW (Joined 2023)

World Triathlon Congress 2022 voted to join the UN Global Compact to reinforce the World Triathlon commitment in Global Sustainability Development and on 26 July 2023, World Triathlon was officially accepted as a participant of the UN Global Compact.

As part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices,World Triathlon has embedded the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into strategies and operations, and committed to respecting human and labour rights, safeguarding the environment, and working against corruption in all its forms.

World Triathlon Carbon Report

World Triathlon is firmly dedicated to ensuring the accountable and credible measurement and monitoring of our environmental endeavours. World Triathlon operates in conjunction with Position Green’s ESG software, thereby ensuring a data-driven approach that renders sustainability tangible, quantifiable, and actionable. Additionally, World Triathlon’s carbon report undergoes One Carbon World’s UN-approved verification process.

Logo - Carbon Neutral International Standard One Carbon World

One Carbon World is a carbon neutral not-for-profit organisation and a global resource partner of the Climate Neutral Now Initiative, launched by United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC).

One Carbon World accompanied World Triathlon address its own climate footprint through a 3 step methods:

  • Measure their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce them as much as possible through their own actions
  • Offset your unavoidable emissions and contribute to climate action.

OCW Statement of Carbon Neutrality 2022 - World Triathlon
World Triathlon Carbon Report 2022


World Triathlon Carbon Report 2019
OCW Statement of Carbon Neutrality 2019 - World Triathlon

World Triathlon Sustainability Certification

World Triathlon Sustainability Badge - GoldWhile the numerous events organised under World Triathlon showcase the sport and contribute to its influence, they can sometimes have a negative impact on the environment. Aware of this responsibility, World Triathlon wants to give the organizing committees the means to initiate or continue their transition towards social and environmental responsibility. As such, the events implementing sustainable measures will receive gold, silver or bronze certification based on their level of commitment and progress across the categories of engagement.

Sustainability certification categories
View World Triathlon Sustainability Guidelines for Event Organisers

Certified Events

Event Certification
2024 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea (GBR) GOLD
2024 World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama (JPN) GOLD
2023 World Triathlon Championship Series Sunderland (GBR) GOLD
2023 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships Hamburg (GER) GOLD
2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza (ESP) GOLD
AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds (GBR) GOLD
2023 World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra (ESP) SILVER
2023 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea (GBR) SILVER
2022 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea (GBR) SILVER
2024 World Triathlon Championship Series Cagliari (ITA) BRONZE
2023 World Triathlon Cup Rome (ITA) BRONZE
2023 World Triathlon Championship Series Cagliari (ITA) BRONZE