Lisa Norden

  • Sweden
  • Born: 1984

I took up triathlon very late and only started around 15-16years of age. Before then I was a “horse girl” who liked sport. I biked to the stable because it fast faster than taking the bus and ran sometimes just to stay fit and healthy. My first couple of triathlons was very much like an adventure more than competitive sport, I couldn’t swim freestyle and breaststroked my way through the 400m…
The years following swimming was going to be my biggest challenge. Not just to learn to swim freestyle, but to do so enough to stay with a front pack at the highest level of the sport.

I spent some time in Australia following my graduation and got to know the sport of triathlon through Spot Anderson in Sydney. I then went to Swansea to train at the British High Performance Centre and the best British girls. As they closed down for internationals prior to the Beijing Olympic Games I ended up joining Darren Smiths’ squad then based in Switzerland.
Darren ended up being a very important person for my career, not only polishing me as an athlete but also teaching me how to be a professional. In the years to come we had a huge amount of success, preparing to big races and being ready when it matters seemed to be what Darren did best in his coaching.
2012 was out best year where we were 9 thousands of a second away from the Olympic Gold medal. A few weeks later I won the first ever WTS in Sweden, Stockholm in front of a massive home crown. I won a big money race in Des Moines the weekend after then the WTS in Yokohama shortly. To finish off the year I ended up winning the WTS Series after a few nerve-wracking hours in Auckland. I ended up with for poisoning the night before the race and spent most of the night and morning in hospital. Somehow I managed to find enough strength to finish the race in 4th which was enough points for the Overall series.

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Latest Athlete Results
2022 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships Samorin
21 Aug, 2022 - Elite Women - DNF
2019 Huelva ETU Triathlon European Cup and Iberoamerican Championships
24 Mar, 2019 - Elite Women - 02:09:55
2018 Malmö ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup
04 Aug, 2018 - Elite Women - 01:01:55
2018 SWE Sprint Triathlon National Championships
10 Jun, 2018 - Elite Women - 01:03:32
2017 Cagliari ITU Triathlon World Cup
04 Jun, 2017 - Elite Women - 01:03:54
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2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel
2016-09-11 - Elite Women - 02:02:29
2016 ITU World Triathlon Edmonton
2016-09-03 - Elite Women - 00:59:18
2016 ITU World Triathlon Hamburg
2016-07-16 - Elite Women - 00:58:43
2016 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama
2016-05-14 - Elite Women - 01:59:24
2016 ITU World Triathlon Cape Town
2016-04-23 - Elite Women - 01:00:37
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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games
2016-08-18 - Elite Women - 02:00:03
2015 Baku European Games
2015-06-13 - Elite Women - 02:01:46
London 2012 Olympic Games
2012-08-04 - Elite Women - 01:59:48
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2008-08-18 - Elite Women - 02:02:26
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Athlete Fact Sheet
Given Name Lisa
Family Name Norden
Representing SWE
Year of Birth 1984
Place of Birth Kristianstad
Residence Norrtälje, Sweden
Sponsors HiQ, Scott, Hoka one one, Mips protection, Carlys Natural
Hobbies Coffee, photos, baking
Twitter @lisanorden
Facebook Athlete Facebook
Instagram @lisanorden1
World Triathlon Athlete ID 6120
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