2012 Photo of the Year Winning Shot

11 January 2013 - Texto en español

The 2012 season not only produced some of the most prolific racing triathlon has ever seen, it also provided the backdrop for some of the sport’s most iconic photos. Shot in eight different settings across four continents and eight countries, ITU photographers truly outdid themselves this year. 

Though we found it painstakingly difficult to choose the top shot, the people spoke and their voices were heard. Championed by a host of fans, the most popular photo of the year goes to Janos Schmidt’s image of Charlotte McShane (AUS) bringing it home in the final ITU World Triathlon Series event of the year. Her commanding body position and focused stare won over the public with 27.57% of the votes.

It was a tough battled for the runner-up position, but in the end it was again Schmidt’s photo of Fabienne St. Louis (MRI) that took second with 15.24% of the votes. A stark contrast from that of McShane in the thick of the race, the picture of St. Louis is the calm before the storm. Her peaceful posture and upturned chin produces an uplifting feeling in the midst of a nerve wracking scenario.

ITU World Triathlon Series Rankings
Gwen Jorgensen

1 Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 4000Gold Medal

2 Katie Zaferes (USA) 3700Silver Medal

3 Sarah True (USA) 3322Bronze Medal

Javier Gomez Noya

1 Javier Gomez Noya (ESP) 3820Gold Medal

2 Mario Mola (ESP) 3374Silver Medal

3 Fernando Alarza (ESP) 2961Bronze Medal